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English Publications.

Simone Weil, 1909-24 August, 1943.

Friends of Simone Weil: One of our hopes here is to be able to add several volumes to the 1989 Anthology in Spanish that many students of her life and thought have been able to consult more recently thanks to
To this end we will be needing plenty of help from many of you ready to team up with us in connection to the multiple tasks involved. We look forward to hearing about your interest in participating in a project that involves the translation of philosophic and interdisciplinarian texts in French, English and Spanish — “all directions” — while gaining knowledge, satisfaction and recognition from your work. Additional compensation should become possible as well. Let us widen the outreach of a fertile dialogue among our cultures and help to invent those institutions we all need so very much. In philosophy, as in poetry and so many other things, only the human mind is capable.


It has been a long haul to get back with you dear friends of truth, love and beauty! Hoping for the best of all possible worlds in the midst of seemingly universal chaos. In God we trust!! (–to the extent of our ability!)


Instituto Simone Weil is a non-profit Civil Association created in Mexico in 1989 with the purpose of inducing greater awareness of the life and thought of Simone Weil (1909-1943) –above all in Spanish but also in English and French.  Futurists that we are as a result of our present day disconcerting human and technological predicament, we apply ourselves to the task of conceiving and sharing our perceptions in relation to current possibilities for the creation of those very institutions which she proclaimed to be as necessary as they happen to be nonexistent.

The notion of an “ecological model of citizenship” hereby affirms itself under the banner of her “Profession of Faith” which led her to reflect, in her day, upon the very “needs of the body and soul” : that luminous text that could so well serve us as a constitutional preamble, or blessed inspiration, to any and all efforts in the process of integrating a planet perceived as united at its root.  [SMV, 08/22/18]